Our Story So Far

How The Bio-D Story Started

In the 1980s, our company founder Michael Barwell’s job was to help maintain and clean commercial ships...

Michael made the horrifying discovery that many of the ingredients in the industrial cleaning products he worked with – which required the use of heavy-duty safety equipment, such as a respirator – were the very same ingredients that were also in everyday household cleaning products.

Hugely concerned by this discovery, Michael sought effective ingredients for cleaning products that wouldn’t harm the environment, nor the people using them. He launched Bio-D in 1989.

Michael has since retired. Lloyd Atkin, now owner of the business, has worked with Bio-D since 1996. Lloyd was instrumental in developing the current range of Bio-D products and is carrying on Michael’s legacy.


Our Products

At Bio-D, we’re committed to making cleaning products that don’t cost the earth, and to helping consumers contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet. We only use ingredients that are naturally derived or plant-based.

All Bio-D products are approved by Cruelty Free International and the Vegan Society. Our unfragranced laundry products are Allergy UK certified and all of our packaging is recyclable. For more information about our accreditations please see here.


Did you know?

Our range is 100% hypoallergenic

Allergies are on the increase – eczema, asthma and rhinitis have tripled in recent years. Customers often tell us that our products are the only ones they can use that don’t exacerbate their allergy symptoms.

All Bio-D products are made in the UK

Every one of our product boxes, sprays, hand pumps and bottles contains 100% of our very own product, which is made in our factory in Hull, England by us and no one else. We have complete traceability on all our ingredients so we always know what’s going in to our products.

Our products conform to the highest food grade specification BSEN1276

Our products help to control traces of E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA; they’re safe for use in professional/trade kitchens, meaning additional peace of mind when you use them at home.