Sanitising Hand Wash, Fragrance Free (500ml)

If fragrance isn’t your thing, but you still want the assurance of clean, germ-free hands (and who doesn’t?), then you need to get them on this, fast.

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If fragrance isn’t your thing, but you still want the assurance of clean, germ-free hands (and who doesn’t?), then you need to get them on this, fast.

This fact-acting favourite is tested to BSEN1276 (food grade standard) – it kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria including e-coli, salmonella and MRSA. It’s also 100% hypoallergenic, so it’s ultra-gentle on skin.
Additional Info
Additional Info
Usage Information Wet hands and apply one pump of soap. Wash hands for a minimum of 15 seconds, and then rinse with clean warm water.
Ingredients Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamide DEA, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium Chloride.

All of our containers are BPA free and are 100% recyclable.

Cap Bottle
Mixed Materials Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Special Offer No
Customer Reviews (9)
Perfect Hand wash........My favourite one.
Except the bottles/pumps haven't been working properly for me for a long time. You have to pump a few times for some to come out, all the time like it's always full of air no matter what I tried to sort it, worried air and bacteria gets into the product.. I now put it into other bottles. Will probably get the refill one day but I have too many 5litre bottles around at the moment. Review by FJSmith (Posted on 04/09/2018)
Great product
Brilliant Review by john (Posted on 17/07/2018)
A really good product
Great for the kitchen as you don't leave smelling of perfume. Review by Marcus (Posted on 07/02/2017)
Good value for money
Great Product. Leaves your hands feeling perfectly clean. Review by D Papworth (Posted on 07/02/2017)
Hands feel super clean. Lathers nicely
Does what its supposed to do. Hands feel super clean. Lathers nicely. Does not appear to have a drying affect on hands. Review by Mary B (Posted on 07/02/2017)
Clean Hands and clear mind!
So little needed for a good wash, and no nasties! Review by Charles Bibby (Posted on 07/02/2017)
Good stuff. Just dont leave in window
I really like this stuff. My hands are so much better than they were. My only criticism is the bottle. Unlike other brands this bottle warps in the sun so you end up with a funny shaped bottle. The window sill that it's on doesn't even get direct sun light but still gone a funny shape. Review by Neil Jones (Posted on 07/02/2017)
Doesn't dry my skin out at all
Doesn't dry my skin out at all, unlike antibacterial products (triclosan is a menace for doing that). Washes cleanly and foams relatively well, without leaving the scent of spring flowers. I use it several times a day without any problems. Review by John Smith (Posted on 07/02/2017)
Worth every penny!
My wife is highly allergic to several really common ingredients found in almost all hand washes and soaps including Limonene, lanolool, citronella, and that horrid generically named "parfum".

This hand wash contains none of those things and is an absolute blessing as the last brand she had been using changed it's ingredients to a "new and improved" formula that immediately gave her migraines!

So far so good - one week on and no headaches at all!

It is also a really nice cleaner that makes a really silky smooth foam and cleans your hands really well.

Worth every penny!
Review by Shaun Horrigan (Posted on 07/02/2017)
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What we leave out

Based on well-documented findings in Canada, USA, Belgium, Scandinavia and other parts of Western Europe, we DO NOT USE any of the following ingredients.

Phosphates: Used as water softeners and to improve cleaning, they can stimulate excessive growth of algae in the receiving waters. These algae often grow in such great numbers that the water becomes starved of oxygen, killing fish and plant life. This condition is known as eutrophication and exists in Lake Erie, North America. Lake Erie is practically devoid of all marine life.

E.D.T.A. (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid): This is sometimes used as a substitute for, but also in addition to, phosphates. It is a sequestering agent that attracts heavy metals such as lead and mercury, both of which have known carcinogenic properties. These heavy metals can eventually find their way back into water supplies and are extremely difficult to remove completely.

Enzymes: Enzymes are present in all living organisms. They can and do cause severe skin irritations and asthma attacks. In the manufacturing process, enzymes can be genetically engineered and have been known to cause pulmonary haemorrhaging.

Optical Brighteners: Used in Laundry products to give an illusion of "whiteness", they attach themselves to fabric to reflect "White Light". Clothes only appear cleaner. Optical Brighteners are extremely difficult to biodegrade and can cause severe skin irritation. They can also cause mutations to microorganisms in receiving waters.

Chlorine Bleaches: These are contained in conventional Toilet Cleaners, Sanitizers, Nappy Powders, Washing Powders and Dishwasher Detergents. During the breakdown of these types of bleach carcinogenic, toxic substances are formed,which are akin to the banned pesticide D.D.T.

Petroleum-derived Additives: Most conventional household cleaners contain petroleum-derived additives and detergents. These often break down incompletely and contain toxic impurities that are highly irritant, cause allergic reactions and can endanger plant and animal life.

In addition to the ingredients listed above, the following ingredients are found in the majority of conventional, propriety brands of Soaps, Toiletries and Cosmetics.

Chemical Plasticisers: Added to soaps to make them more malleable and easier to machine mould.

Formaldehyde: Traditionally used to preserve corpses, formaldehyde is used to prolong the life of many conventional products!

Glycerin or Glycerine: Unless specifically stated that it is from a vegetable source, glycerin or glycerine will be obtained from the rendered carcases of dead animals.

Lanolin: Extracted from the processed wool from both dead and live animals.

Sodium Tallowate: Made from water, caustic soda and the rendered fat from dead animals.

Synthetic Dyes: Make finished products more visually appealing.

Synthetic Perfumes: Cheap substitutes for natural oils and essences.

Titanium Dioxide: A colouring agent that enhances the opacity of products to make them look uniformly clearer. Causes pollution in water courses

You do not need to use products containing these noxious ingredients. Use Bio-D products.