We’ve gone vegan for Veganuary, have you?

Here at Bio-D, we’re proud that our products are vegan and are accredited by The Vegan Society. As 2018 and this year’s Veganuary loomed closer, we thought: ‘if our products are vegan, perhaps we should be too!’

Nine of us have signed up for the challenge of trying out veganism this month, led by our sales manager (and committed vegetarian) Emily, and our MD (and committed non-vegetarian) Lloyd.

launch4 use Lloyd's delicious vegan treats including coconut dhal and winter veg tagine...YUM.

Lloyd kicked things off last week by cooking some amazingly delicious vegan treats for lunch – you can follow our Veganuary progress on our social media channels (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) where we’ll update with some easy recipes and tips.

Emily tells us she's not even missing (dairy) cheese! (Trust us when we say this is a big deal.)

She says: “While I’ve been veggie for several years, I always thought it would be too much of a challenge to go vegan - so far though I think we’ve all been quite surprised by how easy it’s been. There are so many benefits: the environmental ones of course are huge but on a personal level I already feel much better physically. I’m looking forward to the rest of the month and seeing how the team does with the challenge.”

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