Tips for a zero waste Christmas

pexels-photo-236129Looking to get your home spick and span in time for the festive break? We’re offering 15% OFF all of our home sprays and refills this week – our refill system encourages zero waste, which got us thinking about how else we can reduce waste and our impact on the planet this holiday season.

We talked to our ambassadors Sam and Lynsey about how they keep their Christmas as green as possible. Click through to Lynsey's blog for some awesome tips on gift wrapping, and see below for Sam's top festive eco tips, plus a few others we’ve gathered. Happy December all!


#1 Ask people what they would like
Sam says: “While for some people this may feel like taking some of the fun and surprise out of Christmas, it can be prudent to ask people for lists of things they need or would like as gifts. This increases the chances that items will actually be valued by the recipients and put to good use, rather than be thrown away or placed in a drawer never to be seen again. It can be an awful waste of resources to buy things needlessly.

Pro-tip: confer with friends and family! Remember, others may have received the same lists. While I would be quite happy with three copies of The Muppet Christmas Carol, most people would prefer just one.”


#2 Re-use Christmas cards
Sam says: “Rather than buy new cards every year, re-use the ones people have sent to you. Most people only write on the right-hand inside section of cards, leaving the back of the front side nice and clear.
Just snip the card in half and bingo! You have a fresh Christmas card. You can save even more resources by not bothering with an envelope and sending it as a festive postcard.

Pro-tip: to avoid the embarrassment of sending your auntie her own Christmas card back the very next year, write in pencil who the original sender was so that you can distribute them sensitively.

Great tips, thanks Sam!


Other top tips for a reduced waste Christmas:

-Not sure what to get that difficult-to-please-special-someone-who-already-has-everything? If you don’t want to follow Sam’s advice and ask them for ideas, why not give them to an ‘experience’ gift? Tickets for a play or a gig, a meal out, a pampering treatment etc should all go down a treat (and if not, then we say don’t bother buying for that person again!)

-Buy something second-hand (or ‘pre-loved’, which we much prefer). There are so many great pre-loved bargains to be found online and in second hand/charity shops; not to mention the possibility of tracking down rare items that can no longer be bought new.

-Think before buying gift wrap and all the accompanying bits and pieces. Avoid foil wrap that can’t be recycled and glitter that can cause real environmental damage. Get creative with ribbon and other decorations that can be reused and repurposed - see Lynsey's blog post here!

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