Eco clothing - wash smart, buy smart

Smart Washing InstaWe’re encouraging everyone to ‘wash smart’ and are offering 15% off our Laundry Liquid range this week.

So how do you ‘wash smart’? Top tips include not washing clothing after every wear (underwear excluded!) and using greener laundry detergent (hello 15% off!). Washing on lower temperatures and line-drying both help lower energy usage, too.

pexels-photo-102303Evaluating our laundry habits got us thinking about wider issues around clothing quality and how clothing is made.

Our brand ambassadors told us they shop carefully and buy ‘eco’ and ethically-made clothing which – while sometimes initially more expensive than ‘fast fashion’ alternatives - is longer lasting, will survive numerous washes (which ‘fast fashion’ garments can’t always claim to do) and hasn’t involved the harming of animals or humans during its production.

tencel2Our ambassador Lynsey says:

“Shopping can be daunting as a vegan (avoiding wool, silk, leather etc…), and trying to ensure that no humans were harmed at the same time can make it even more of a challenge.  Sweat shops are more common than retailers would have you believe. Thankfully, there are plenty of fair trade and ethical brands out there – my favourites include People Tree, Thought Clothing, Nomads, Will’s Vegan Shoes and Beyond Skin.”

Are you a fan of Lynsey’s favourite ethical retailers? Got any other top tips for ethical shopping (or smart washing)? Get in touch and let us know!

Read more from Lynsey on her blog Monsoon of Random.

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