World Environment Day – Top eco tips from Bio-D ambassadors

ENVIRONMENTJune 5 is World Environment Day. There are numerous ways we can all be more eco-aware and responsible - so many in fact that it can be tricky to know where to start. We asked our brand ambassadors for one top eco tip that they feel can have the biggest impact.



I tell everyone: “Take it one step at a time. It can be easy to feel paralysed by all the things you need to alter, but throwing away everything and trying to start over all at once often isn’t the most helpful way to go. Instead start small and simple. What do you use the most that can be replaced with a more sustainable alternative? What small changes can you begin to implement? And build from there!”



“It’s a simple but very useful tip of always carrying a fold-up bag in my handbag so that I never have to use a plastic carrier bag when I am shopping. It's also great for all the paraphernalia that
grandchildren need on the school run. I have a particularly attractive one from a company called LOQI.”



“Reuse, reuse, reuse! I am a huge advocate for reusable products wherever possible. I have reusable face cloths and pads for removing make-up, reusable kitchen roll and sponges, hankies instead of tissues and a Meluna Menstrual cup. All of my cleaning cloths are washable and I never use disposable wipes for cleaning kitchen surfaces. These all save landfill waste and go some way to reduce harsh processes used to make and bleach cotton wool pads, disposable face wipes, tampons etc...Finally, ALWAYS say NO to plastic straws! When ordering a drink I ask for it without a straw, as we don't really need them and they end up in landfill.”



Buy in bulk wherever possible. (If you have some storage space in your house, and have enough pennies in your account, consider buying food in bulk from a wholesaler – it’s cheaper and there is often less plastic packaging.  Usually you can only get a wholesale account if you’re a business or organisation – it is possible however to set up a local food buying and sharing co-op with your friends, neighbours and colleagues.)

My family and I also recommend getting an organic fruit and veg box delivered, particularly as it's good to support organic practices, but also because it reduces wasteful plastic packaging. And for us, the best eco tip is to go vegan!



Before buying household items, clothes etc, ensure you research before you buy and take pride in looking after it - it's good to have stuff that has lasted and holds memories for you (and much better for the planet too of course.)

Also, if I can squeeze in another tip – be more water-aware: only wash clothes that are actually dirty (and dry them on a washing line) and only boil water you actually need, not enough for your imaginary friends as well…


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