Bio-D brand ambassadors - Mark

mark cropThis year, we've welcomed five new faces to the Bio-D family as brand ambassadors. Our newly-recruited ambassadors all share our values and, as the year progresses, will provide us with valuable input on new products and other elements as our company continues to grow. Here we introduce Mark.

Tell us about yourself Mark.

I’m Mark, a 44 year old dad of two. I work in commercial property and my wife works for a local health charity.

I'm a vegetarian and life-long, practical environmentalist.  I’m a vegetarian primarily for environmental reasons and I’m against factory farming.  I think we should all eat less meat and that it should be organic.  Triggered by leaving university and not having to cook with my flatmates, Simon and FH.

I try to encourage my family to be sensibly green through actions and example, rather than words.  I tend to find that most of what I say gets ignored most of the time!  I try to have fun with my girls (9 and 6 years) repairing things (Sugru is great) and reusing things for crafts, DIY projects etc.

How and when did you first discover Bio-D?

We've been buying Bio-D for a good few years; initially through Natural Collection and now directly through the website.

My wife, Jenny, is asthmatic and my elder daughter has occasional bouts of eczema, and we find that Bio-D is one of very few brands that don’t exacerbate symptoms.

We love the products because they work, aren't over fragranced, are available in bulk and locally made by a company that appears to be genuinely concerned about their products' environmental impacts.

Favourite Bio-D products?

Multi-surface Sanitiser – it’s fantastic at getting rid of grease (e.g. cooker hood); Home & Garden Sanitiser – smells like an environmentally with-it Dettol! Dishwasher powder – I have loads of uses for the empty tubs (and it cleans well).

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