Multi Surface Sanitiser and All Purpose Sanitiser – What’s the difference?

for blogWe love that you, our customers, are a caring, inquisitive bunch. You like to get in touch and ask us questions - about our products, our company and more - which we love receiving. So please do keep the questions and comments coming; we’ll always do our best to get back in touch promptly and with the answers you need.

However, there are some questions that come up time and again – so as well as our FAQs section, we thought it would be helpful for you (and for Emily and Alex in our team who read all the messages we receive!) if we created an occasional series of ‘hints and tips’ fact sheets and videos.

TA-DA! Here we have our very first fact sheet, which aims to settle one big question once and for all: what on earth is the difference between our Multi Surface Sanitiser and our All Purpose Sanitiser? What are they needed for? Is one better for certain jobs than the other?

So before you get yourself in a tizz over our sanitiser similarities, have a read of THIS!

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