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  • A Greener Future - With Minimal Plastic!

    Here at Bio-D, we’re committed to seeking sustainable, planet-friendly means of getting our products into customers’ hands. We’re extremely proud to have launched our new packaging, made from 100% recycled materials, earlier this year, and we’re thrilled by the response we’ve had to the new bottles to date.

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  • We’ve gone vegan for Veganuary, have you?

    Here at Bio-D, we’re proud that our products are vegan and are accredited by The Vegan Society. As 2018 and this year’s Veganuary loomed closer, we thought: ‘if our products are vegan, perhaps we should be too!’

    Nine of us have signed up for the challenge of trying out veganism this month, led by our sales manager (and committed vegetarian) Emily, and our MD (and committed non-vegetarian) Lloyd.

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  • Introducing our new packaging….it’s 100% recycled!

    New Bottle (5)Happy 2018 everyone! We’re pleased to announce that we’re starting 2018 even ‘greener’ than ever before – as we launch new packaging which is made from 100% recycled materials.


    Like many of you, we’re horrified by the ever-growing global issue of plastics waste and the damage it’s doing to our planet - and we want to do our bit to help halt it, before it’s too late.

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  • Tips for a zero waste Christmas

    pexels-photo-236129Looking to get your home spick and span in time for the festive break? We’re offering 15% OFF all of our home sprays and refills this week – our refill system encourages zero waste, which got us thinking about how else we can reduce waste and our impact on the planet this holiday season.

    We talked to our ambassadors Sam and Lynsey about how they keep their Christmas as green as possible. Click through to Lynsey's blog for some awesome tips on gift wrapping, and see below for Sam's top festive eco tips, plus a few others we’ve gathered. Happy December all!

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  • Guest post: Why Bio-D is an Ethical Consumer ‘Best Buy’

    Image result for ethical consumer magazineThe highly respected Ethical Consumer magazine awards their much sought-after ‘Best Buy’ label only ‘to those products whose environmental and ethical record warrant it’.

    We’re very proud to have been given the label and spoke to Tim Hunt, the magazine’s co-editor for the below guest post on what the label means for you, the consumer. (You can read more about our other accreditations and external recognition here!)

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  • Made in Yorkshire, 100% by us and no-one else!

    Bio-D office exteriorWe were interested to read that the US-based multi-national SC Johnson – the multi-billion dollar company behind brands including Pledge, Mr Muscle and Glade – recently signed an agreement to acquire Ecover and Method.

    The news got us thinking about our own position in the cleaning products market and our heritage.

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  • Newsletter offer - save 10% at Forest Holidays

    14050399588_9fbcff86a0_zIf you subscribe to our newsletter you'll know that our friends at Forest Holidays are offering you a great deal on your next break!

    Use code BIODEG to access 10% off a range of fabulous holidays. Here's what Forest Holidays say about this brilliant offer.

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  • Zero waste - Fran's top tips

    pexels-photo-87383The ‘zero waste movement’ is becoming more and more popular these days, which makes it seem like a new phenomenon. In effect though, it’s what we – and we bet you too – have been striving towards for a while. (‘Striving towards’ is the key phrase here – ‘becoming zero waste’ is a journey that we can all embark on every day with small steps, rather than worrying that we won’t ever become completely zero waste!)

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  • These organisations think we rock – here’s why

    accreditations picAt Bio-D we’re extremely proud to have gained external accreditation from a number of renowned, respected third party organisations who all think we know a thing or two about making cleaning products which ‘don’t cost the earth’.

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  • Eco clothing - wash smart, buy smart

    Smart Washing InstaWe’re encouraging everyone to ‘wash smart’ and are offering 15% off our Laundry Liquid range this week.

    So how do you ‘wash smart’? Top tips include not washing clothing after every wear (underwear excluded!) and using greener laundry detergent (hello 15% off!). Washing on lower temperatures and line-drying both help lower energy usage, too.

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