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Our Bio-D Family

LLOYD ATKIN - Managing Director

LLOYD ATKIN - Managing Director

What Lloyd does at Bio-D:
Lloyd’s been head honcho at Bio-D since 2010 (he’s been with company since 1996) and oversees the running of the whole business.

When he’s not at Bio-D you can find Lloyd:
spending time with his partner and two daughters Amelia and Pearl, cycling and reading.

Favourite Bio-D product:
Laundry Bleach – it’s gentle but effective and has some surprising uses, such as getting tea-stained mugs looking like new again (and we drink a lot of tea)

NICK MOULSON - Production Manager

What Nick does at Bio-D:
Plans, maintains and oversees all things production orientated to ensure our customers receive a quality product delivered on time.

When he’s not at Bio-D you can find Nick:
Following Yorkshires number 1 football team (ask Lorraine who!)

Favourite Bio-D product:
No real favourite they all keep me busy!!



What Emily does at Bio-D:
Emily’s job is to help customers. She works in partnership with our largest customers, deals with sales queries and looks for great new partners to work with all over the world.

When she’s not at Bio-D you can find Emily:
Teaching Lindy Hop dancing at her local dance group Kingston Swing, taking part in dance events and rustling up a sweet treat or ten in the kitchen.

Favourite Bio-D product:
Home & Garden Sanitiser – it smells amazing and is great for cleaning out my food recycling caddy

LORRAINE DUNN - Purchasing Manager

LORRAINE DUNN - Purchasing Manager

What Lorraine does at Bio-D:
Purchases all the components required for production at Bio-D and controls stock, making sure everything is available on time to meet production demands.

When she’s not at Bio-D you can find Lorraine:
Socialising with friends, eating out and watching sport, particularly Hull City (up the Tigers).

Favourite Bio-D product:
Geranium Sanitising Hand Wash

NICOLE MORRELL - Finance Manager

NICOLE MORRELL - Finance Manager

What Nicole does at Bio-D:
Monitors cash flow and oversees all finance reporting. She makes sure that we pay everyone on time, and that everyone does the same for us. She’s also in charge of paying our wages. (Thanks Nicole.) She also oversees HR – recruiting for job roles (new and existing), managing staff benefits and coordinating staff training.

When she’s not at Bio-D you can find Nicole:
Cooking, baking and running.

Favourite Bio-D product:
Lime & Aloe Vera Sanitising Hand Wash

HEATHER NIXON - Quality Manager

HEATHER NIXON - Quality Manager

What Heather does at Bio-D:
Oversees all aspects of quality control, working closely with production staff to ensure all products are made to the highest of standards, and that we consistently meet strict criteria for new and existing accreditation schemes.

When she’s not at Bio-D you can find Heather:
Taking photos and walking her dogs.

Favourite Bio-D product:
Fresh Juniper Fabric Conditioner

SAMANTHA KIRKE - Account Manager

What Samantha does at Bio-D:
Samantha’s job is to deal with new business development, account management to customer queries and promotions.

When she’s not at Bio-D you can find Samantha:
Watching live music, volunteering for charities that she is involved in, cinema and experimenting in the kitchen.

Favourite Bio-D product:
Grapefruit Washing up Liquid – it smells great and makes washing up more bearable.

ETHAN FOSTER - Office Admin

What Ethan does at BIO-D:
Ethan’s job is to make sure the admin duties of the office are taken care of as well as dealing with the sales orders, arranging transport and collection of orders with hauliers.

When he is not at BIO-D you can find Ethan:
Dirt biking on numerous tracks

Favourite Bio-D product: 
Grapefruit Washing up Liquid